About Second Phase Of The Turkish Proficiency Examination

1) Our students who have not been able to join the 1st phase of the exam will be able to join the 1st phase of the exam at a later date. The date will be announced on the web page.

2) Our students, who are eligible to take the Speaking exam (2nd phase) announced in the list below and informed by e-mail to their student e-mail address (@std.ankaramedipol.edu.tr extension).

a) For the Speaking exam, each student must pay attention to the exam entry lists arranged according to their names and surnames.

b) For the exam to be held on MICROSOFT TEAMS; our students must first login to MICROSOFT TEAMS via the link sent to their Medipol student e-mails and then be present at the exam date and time by clicking the same link.

3) The list of those who are exempt from the Preparatory School will be announced on our website after all exams are completed.

4) Our students who took the 1st phase of the Turkish proficiency exam and not listed below are not eligible to take 2nd phase of the exam and they will start from preparatory program. Also, the students have been informed via their student e-mail address.

Please click on this link for the exam date and hour.

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